Apache Lake Amenities: Apache Lake Resort & Marina is a complete lake facility featuring a full service restaurant & bar, hotel rooms, boat launching & docks, boat rentals, convenience store, camping, and on site parking. For more information, please visit their website.

Camping: Camping is Free and is on a first come first serve basis. No reservations are necessary. Just find a spot you want to camp and set up.

Dog Policy: Dogs are only allowed at campsites.  No dogs are allowed within the venue area or in hotel rooms.

Children: Although the festival is safe for all who attend it is not recommended to bring children.

Fires: Campfires are allowed at the beach in designated fire pits.

Fireworks: Absolutely not.

Re-entry: Festival guests can freely come in & out from their campsites/hotel to the concert venue area but no drinks or food of any kind can go in and out.

ATM: There is no ATM at the Resort but you can get cash back on your card at the bar or convenience store.

Bathrooms: There are indoor bathrooms in the Main Lobby of the Resort and also indoor bathroom facilities close to most campsites.

Cell phones: There is cell phone coverage for most providers at Apache Lake

Food/Alcohol: No outside food or alcohol can be brought into the Concert Venue area.  Food & Alcohol within the concert area can only be purchased at the Restaurant & Bar.

Convenience Store: Ice, wood, snacks, & packaged alcohol is available for purchase at the convenience store.  Packaged alcohol purchased at the convenience store cannot be consumed within the venue area and is for “To Go” purposes only.

Parking Fee: Apache Lake Resort & Marina charges a parking fee of $10 per car. Passes can be purchased at the hotel reservation desk inside the Main Building.